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The Music Ministry of
Michael James Facciani
Ministry Update

THANK YOU for visiting my Ministry Update page!

As of May 22, 2017 and because of your prayers and 
financial support:

444,074 MILES in 2,179 DAYS of full-time ministry! THANK YOU!

On June 1st, we'll begin our 7th year of traveling ministry! 
It's customary for us to receive an "Anniversary Offering" that we 
are, this year, calling Our Anniversary FriendRaiser.
From May 15th through June 15th we are trusting God to help
us raise the funds to refocus, refresh, restock, upgrade where
we can, and set sail again!

We are trusting the Lord for our current friends and NEW friends
to stand with us as we continue to reach, especially seniors, 
around the country!

Our Anniversary FriendRaiser Goal: $25,000
Amount Received as of May 22nd: $4,055

For those helping, we will send you my BRAND NEW CD
Portraits & Patriots, filled with songs and narrations in 
remembrance of those we love and those who served
our country! Thank you for trusting God with us to reach this
year's goal!

THANK YOU friends and partners for helping me bring faith, 
encouragement,hope and joy to seniors and congregations 
across the country! 

THANK YOU again for your prayers and support!

​Continued traveling mercies and God's provision financially.
And for God's continued anointing on my programs.

MJF Music Outreach
P.O. Box 4032
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