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Michael James Facciani
Vintage Hymns & Woven Words

My NEW CD project, "Vintage Hymns & Woven Words" has been completed. I am excited about this as it is the 
first of it's kind, MUSICAL DEVOTIONAL! It is filled with the greatest hymns, but mixed with prayer, scripture, and encouragement narrations. I have arranging the hymns in a powerful style that will move the hearts of those who listen, especially, my senior friends. You will not just hear and feel the great hymns, you will LIVE them!

This powerful project was birthed out of loss and hurt with a need to look to our Savior. I promise you that it will profoundly touch those hurting from loss in their lives.

I am in the process of integrating my credit card processing to my website. For now, feel free to email me and I will mail you a copy with a donation envelope. I have never sold my CDs. I make them available for a donation of any amount. My email address is below.

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Listen to "I Surrender All" 
on Michael's new CD