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The Music Ministry of
Michael James Facciani

The National Love Crusade to Seniors


August 1, 2016 

Waterloo, IA- Soloist and music evangelist, Michael Facciani, has
announced the launch of his National Love Crusade to Seniors.
The focus of this effort will be to bring hope and faith to seniors on an
individual and group basis across the country.

After surpassing five years of traveling music ministry that has 
covered over 378,000 miles of ground travel, Michael will renew
his focus of encouraging seniors through his live musical 
presentations and his brand new 30 minute radio show called "The Encouragement Express Radio Show.
As God provides and open doors, Michael plans to have the show placed on terrestrial radio stations, although
it is currently available worldwide online at TheEncouragementExpressRadioShow.com.

Michael credits his senior audiences with the encouragement that caused him to begin using his voice on a
more regular basis. He launched a full-time music ministry in June 2011 and has since completed four new
CD projects and a DVD called "The Night When Time Rolled Back...." The new DVD tells the story of his 
mainstream musical production called, "Turn Back The Hands Of Time," which is now considered by many
one of the top seniors' presentations in America. Consider one of these comments:

"I have had more positive feedback about your program than any we have had over the many years
we have been doing these senior dinner/programs. Thank you for sharing that time with us."
-Dale Thomas, Chairman, Saint Alive Council
Village Baptist Church, West Palm Beach, FL

The first traveling leg of Michael's National Love Crusade to Seniors kicks of Tuesday August 2nd with a 3,000
mile journey that will take him through Nashville, Orlando, Charlotte, and near Pittsburgh.

Michael Facciani
[email protected]