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The Music Ministry of
Michael James Facciani
Ministry Update

THANK YOU for visiting my Ministry Update page!

As of February 27, 2024 and because of your prayers and 
financial support:

922,941 MILES in 4,593 Days of Full-time Ministry!

I finished 2024's Valentine's Day programs in Pennsylvania!
In my office this week, I'm relaunching my weekly email campaign 
The NEW Encouragement Express AudioCast to bring encouragement
 to friends around the world!

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and ministry!

"Touching Home" is now reaching the homebound
and assisted living facilities.

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THANK YOU friends and partners for helping me bring faith, 
encouragement, hope and joy to seniors and congregations 
across the country! The Love Crusade continues because of 
God working through YOU!

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​Continued traveling mercies and God's provision financially.
And for God's continued anointing on my programs.

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